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As a small business competing in the top gun talent pool can be tough. Bigger companies usually have more resources and incentive to attract the same top talent you want to fill your office. While it tends to be more of an uphill climb, there’s a common misnomer that small companies can’t hack it against corporate giants when it comes to hiring. That’s not the case with a few of these tips and tricks.


This may sound obvious, but people like to work for businesses that are representative of them. As Munira Rangwala says, “A lot of candidates look for diversity before agreeing to take up a job with a specific company. Women, for example, look for gender equality in their workplace.” By highlighting your diverse employee pool, you make an impression and in turn, find a platform to stand out against larger corporations that don’t have the time or choose not to focus on how their different because they don’t feel the need to or simply don’t care to.

Outline Growth

If a potential employee expresses interest in working for a company where she can grow personally and professionally, show them how you can support that. Exhibit current staff that has climbed the ranks. It’s an easy way to appeal to ambitious, driven and most importantly qualified candidates. As Emma Gallimore says, “While career paths will vary based on the individual, prospective employees should be able to see opportunities for advancement. Make it clear that employees are expected to grow and advance within the organization.

Find Common Ground

Be sure to explain why your company does what they do too. Your mission statement matters, and it’s a great way to connect and find common ground with talent. As Entrepreneur instructs readers, “Small companies should tout their purpose in their employer branding. That way, they’ll find talented individuals who are equally passionate about contributing to each company’s ‘why.’” While it might seem a bit on the nose, everyone wants to hire people who are passionate about their company’s mission the same way they are. To do that though, you need to be able to break down why your work is impactful to both the clients and workers. This can come in a variety of forms be it through describing client testimonials or your personal experience.

Seek Opportunity

As a small company, hustling isn’t new to you. Use the same level of initiative to seek out great talent. Take advantage of free opportunities that take time not money. Attend college fairs. Get the word out on social media, your company website, and Linkedin. Millennials are currently the largest talent pool, and they tend to respond to a digital approach. Offer internships for credit to expose students to your corporate structure and test the waters as to whether they could be a good fit too.

My point is, if you run a small company, don’t count yourself out as a home for top talent. You have options. You just need to take advantage of them.